Dogs From The Underworld and Death Women

So I think Ill just stick to writing these in pairs cause its easier. Anyway on to the myths.

Hell Hounds:

In Greek mythology the where made by Hades and they work for him. For that they are considered evil and cruel. Their work consists of stuff that normally dogs would do. They hunt down the souls of the dying or already dead and bring them to hell. They also guard the entrances, to the word of the dead, like grave yards and Indian burial sites. And the guard supernatural treasures  There said to have black fur, glowing red eyes, super speed, super strength  and phantom like abilities. They have been known to appear out of no where and disappear in the blink of an eye, and maybe talk. Most think that there fire based animals and therefore have fire based powers. One legend states that if someone see the hell hound three times, they will die an abrupt and unforeseen death. The most famous hell hound is Cerberus. You know three headed dog and is said to make you feel like an aunt. He has a brother Orthrus, who has only two heads. Some believe hell hounds can shadow travel, which meals they travel through shadows. That’s why most are afraid of the dark.


Some believe they are spirits of nature and the souls of those who where not allowed to reach absolution. In Celtic religions they are known as fallen angels and in English they are known as fairy women. In other stories there the spirits of murdered woman or mothers who died in childbirth. In Irish traditional stories they are said to be charged with the task of warning selected members of Irish family, mostly noble families. They where said to only cry for 4 major families, but the list grew due to marriages along the way. Its said that they appear in grey tattered dresses or green, red, and grey robes. Banshees are seen in four different forms: a young beautiful woman, a middle aged noblewoman or matron, a fragile old woman, and that of a washing woman who, when warning someone, washes the clothes or armor of those who are going to die. The quality of her voice differs from region to region. In one its said that she has a low pleasant voice that soothes and comforts those who mourn and in another region she has the wail of a woman and the moan of an owl. Its said that banshees have long fair hair which they take of with a silver comb. Its said that if you find one on the ground to not pick it up because you’ll get spirited away. Though they usually give the comb away to someone they love.

Girls With Wings and Tails

So ive been reading some stories lately and these two creatures caught my attention. So I thought maybe I should see what their story really is.


In some places sirens are portayed as mermaids with beautiful faces and the perfect voices, who in some stories sing saliors to their death for the fun of it. And in others they sing to them to take them away to live with them under water. In other places sirens are made out to be half woman half bird type creatures that could look horrid but have the sweetest voice. In all cases though sirens are all woman. Though I here that maybe there could be male sirens, although there might be a different name for them. (Not to be confused with the russian version Sirin.)

Fairies (The picture on the left is one in a story that happened a while ago about gilrs who caught the image of fairires with a camara):

Faries are sometimes seen as either small tiny people with wings and magic. Others say there the regular size of humans with magic and hide their wings. Some say there just demons or another species entirely sepreate from angels and humans. Some say their really the spirts of the dead or that there just demoted angels, elementals, or that they came from the laughter of the first baby ever born. Banshees are considered to be fairy woman that would wail and cry if someone was about to die. Most think that fairies are evil because of the stories about them kidnapping little kids and swtiching them with changlings. Some think that animals can be considered animals if they change shape, like selkies and kelpies. Some stories say that they have green eyes and bite. In others they say that although they can confuse you with words, they cant lie. They also dont like it when you say Thank you to them because it makes them feel like whatever good deed they did is forgotten and they need to be reminded. THe faires are classified into two courts, The Seelie Court: faires who enjoy playinf pranks on people but are harmless unless provoked into aggression. And the Unseelie court: these are the malicious fairies that enjoy hurting people for entertainment.

Independent Reading

The book I’m currently reading is called My name is Mina by David Almond. The question I think I would have to use is “Are people of the world more alike than different, or more different than alike?” because in the book mina is writing a journal about her life trying to explain how she sees it and that other kids her age and maybe even the adults dont understand her. The only one that seems to understand her is her mom and her dad can’t do much because hes been dead for a couple years. So it seems to me that would be the question to use. I think maybe a sketch of how things seem to go in her life, sort of like a map of her life and how the people around her react adn how she sees the world around her. Thats what I want to do for my project.

World Humanities First Post

So what im interested in is different types of dance styles in parts of the world. And like mythology, folk lore, and legends in different regions of the world from different time periods. For instance its said that in Russia when they have christmas on January 7th, they put mini statues of a guy, whose name I cant remember that did something super awesome, almost like garden knomes. And they say that if you leave it there after 28 days it comes to life and does bad stuff. Thats just something I heard but like it said its interesting to try and reserch it.