A Long Way Gone

I would choose: “Are people of the world more alike than different, or more different than alike?” because the book and the movie are the same concept of war just different reasons for fighting. so they would both be more alike than different. In the book Ishmael is telling his story of the war and how it affected him, being a soilder when he had no other choice. He tells the story from the point of view being a child and how the war affected him having to leave his home behind and never seeing any of his family again. I mean yes he met new people in his family that he had never met before but he loses them later on after the war finally reaches the capital of Sierra Leone. And then he’s back to running again. While all this is going on he’sing trying not to fall back into being a soldier and trying not to get killed in the process of leaving the country. It shows how a cared child will do anything just to survive. Now, the movie Blood Diamond shows the struggle of a man named Solomon, whos taken away to work at a mining camp and his family runs away. It takes place in Sierra Leone, and later on meets up with Archer the diamond smuggler who tries to get the diamond soloman hid in he mining grounds before soldiers attacked the camp site. The entire time soloman and archer and a news repoter try to get to the camp site and get the diamond and along the way find solomans family. They find his family in a refugee camp but they cant release them until theres a cease fire from the rebels. He then finds out that his son has been taken by the rebels and brainwashed. Then after that his mission changes and instead of trying to find his family hes trying to find his son among the rebels. When they get to the military camp just a few miles out of the mining camp soloman and archer take supplies and try to get to the site without the military and get out before they find out what there trying to do. Then soloman hears about how theres a rebel camp just a town over and he insists on going with or without archer. They find the boy there and all hell breaks lose and whether they like it or not they have to call in the amry to help them get out of this one. When all the rebels are dead soloman is then forced to tell where the diamond is or else they will kill his rebel son who survived the attack. They get to where they hid it and archer can tell theres something wrong and take out the general and run with the diamond. In the process he gets shot and give the diamond to soloman and tells him to go to the awaiting plane. He calls maddie, the news reporter, and calls in a last favor and he passes away there on the hills. Well soloman goes to london and tries to sell the diamond to the biggest diamond company in the world and in exchange he gets his family back and maddie gets the story she wanted to bust the diamond company that smuggles in diamonds. Soloman then goes on to tell his story to everyone who will listen and the movie ends. So see even though the movie and the book talk about different things, they still take place in Sierra Leone, they still talk about a war, they still involve rebels against th government, and they still talk about a corrupt system making fale promises to help but really dont. The only difference is the outcome, the people, and what they where fighting about. So people really are more alike then different, and not more different then they are alike. Thats just how I see it all though some people wouldn’t share the same feelings.

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