In Pan’s Labyrinth the Pale Man is a monster that sits at the head of the table and doesn’t move unless food is taken from the table. In front of him sits a plate that holds his eyes. He has no eye sockets and is blind. He has holes in his hands where he puts his eyes in. The Pale Man is actually based on an old legend from Japan. There was a blind old man named Tenome, he was beaten up and mugged by someone. He died but came back as a ghost, he wanted revenge so badly that his old eyes were gone and new eyes grew out of his hands. He sees by waving his hands in front of him. He roamed cities and villages in search of his mugger but since he was blind when he was killed, he never saw the face of his mugger so he kills anyone he can get his hands on. Although he can see with the eyes in his hands he is still figuratively blinded by his anger for revenge. I know that in the movie he eats innocent children so I dont know how that goes with the story of the blind man. In one of the pages written the director talks about how he wanted to make the dinner scene with the captiain and the pale man seem similar because the step-dad could have been a monster too. He talks more about it here: ( about half-way down the page about the connection between the two and how their seen.

Another thing that I remember use talking about in class is understanding what happened in the movie. I know the movie is all in spanish but I guess its just the language. If you were to watch it in english you would understand it more perfectly then you did when you watched it in spanish. I understood the movie perfectly well but I guess thats just cause I actually speak spanish.