Its seem that in todays world there are’nt enough laws preventing horrible crimes from being commited to woman. It seems that just only now india is cathcing up with the times and making laws against rape and beating women but only after tradety strikes. The type of crimes I’m referring to would be like in Bengal a man killed his sister for having an affair. The woman had a relationship with a young man but then later got married to a man and then she eloped with the man from before her marriage. The brother found out and beheaded her, he left her body on the side of the road and brought he head into a police station and said he killed her to restore the honor to his family. This is the story:

Another beheading occured in afghanistan where a 15 year old girl was killed by her relatives because she refused a marriage proposal. The relatives wanted to marry her but her father rejected the proposals and she was killed for it.

There was also the story of a prostitute who was raped while she was “off work” by two sikh priests in Scotland. The girl, 26, was standing in the door way to a night club and the two approached her and asked for her services. She said she was off duty, no, and walked away. The followed her to a bus stop and kept pestering her but they wouldnt listen. They tried dragging her away by the wrists but she was saved by a passing cyclist. The preists actually accused her of taking money from them after promising them her services at their trial and one being marries sai he saw nothing happen since he turned his back on the scene.

And then there was a case of a 15 year old rape survivor of being sentenced to 100 lashings in Mldives because she had consentual pre-marital sex with a man. THe accusations were brought to light by her step-father who was also accused of murdering an infant as a result of her rape. He could get conviced for 25 years. There a petion going around to get them to get a different sentence( Someone said that they should get her psychiatric care instead of punishing her.