Thricksters are known to be gods, godesses, spirit, man, or some type of animal that plays tricks or disobays normal rules and conventional behavior. Tricksters can be harmless or malicous depending on who it is. A malicious trickster for example would be Loki. He would help the gods around him or cause problems for them. He got to be so bad that they bound him to a tree with the entrails of one of his sons and put a snake abouve his head that drips venom from its fangs. His wife, Sigyn, hears and all she can do is collect the venom that drips from the serpants fangs. When she has to empty the bowl however, any drops that would hit Loki would cause him to writhe in pain and it would cause and earthquake. He eventually breaks free and fight against the gods that bound him and kill them. Some tricksters can be female but in most mythology most tricksters are male. Tricksters can be seen as old figures but even if you may not know it we still see tricksters in modern society. In Batman, the Riddler (alothugh hes more tame), and the Joker. Their considered tricksters causing mishap to try to distory the world that batman somehow always manages to stop. In the show Supernatural, the story of two brothers who hunt down creatures of myth, theres a real trickster in which they try to kill but he doesnt die he’s too quick for them. In the show he has the power to do anthing, he stick one of the brother in a time loop where hes forced to relive a certain day over and over again and watch his brother die in a different way each day. He relives it so much that he know every little thing that happens and he figures out how to stop it. Its also said (in the show) that a tricksters favorite food is sweets.