Phoenix or Pheonix:

The myical magical brid was said to live for 500 to 1461 years depending on whos telling the story. Red and gold feathers decorate their bodies. Mostly found in cooler climates, their core body temperatures make it too hot for it to live anywhere else. They hunt fish and have the characteristics of an egale. They dive into the rivers after fish, krill, and bears ears too. Its said that this bird could be summoned by those who had a certain magic in them. If you created a strong enough bond with one, if they bird wished, it could be come your framiliar (spirit guide). This bird was most famous in egyptian cultures and was close to Ra the sun god. At the end of its life cycle it would build a nest made of cinnamon twigs, that it would ignite and burn fiercely and turn to ash. From the ashes a new phoenix would be reborn and that phoenix would embalm the ashes of the old phoenix into an egg of myrrh and take it to the city of Heliopolis, meaning the City of Sun in greek. The bird is said to be immortale because it could regenerate when wounded.

Skin walker (shape shifter):

A person who could turn them selves into any animal the wished to be. In native american legends, skin walkers could control when and where they would shift and what animal they would be, but it was assumed that they needed the pelt of the animal to change into it first. The most commonly known shape shifter is the famous warewolf. It was said that skin walkers where evil, taking revenge on certain people or families, and that if you looked one in the eyes you would die. I prefer the legend where they are nice and only harm those who harm them or their families and only use their ability in war time for their tribes.