So story goes that she was once a human being with blonde hair and was extremely beautiful. She was a prietstess in Athena’s temple. She was the most wanted by all suitors. Then one day Athena caught her being “abused” by Poseidon and she got so mad that she turned Medusa into a horribley terrifying looking woman with snakes for hair, that if you looked at her you would turn to stone. It goes on later that she was killed by beheadment in her sleep by Perseus. He was ordered to kill her by King Polydectes of Seriphus.


The great mythical creature, wild, fierce, straong, and impossible to tame. Most of us are use to their image being just a white horse with a golden horn on its head, but thats not always how they where always seen. A roman naturalist recorded: “A very ferocious beast, similar in the rest of its body to a horse, with the head of a deer, the feet of an elephant, the tail of a boar, a deep, bellowing voice, and a single black horn, two cubits in length, standing out in the middle of its forehead.” Its said in the bible that god has the strength of a unicorn. Some say that unicorns never exsited but that travlers exaggerated the story of narwhales and they bacame the fabled unicorn. It was said in traditon that only a girl of purity sitting under a tree naked could catch the unicorn. It would crave the purity and come and sit next to her and lay his head on her lap and sleep. If the girl was pretending to be a virgin the unicorn would tear her apart. There was a story going around about the Hunter and the Virgin, but most churches dismissed that story due to lack of unicorns in the world.