The Pale Man

In Pan’s Labyrinth the Pale Man is a monster that sits at the head of the table and doesn’t move unless food is taken from the table. In front of him sits a plate that holds his eyes. He has no eye sockets and is blind. He has holes in his hands where he puts his eyes in. The Pale Man is actually based on an old legend from Japan. There was a blind old man named Tenome, he was beaten up and mugged by someone. He died but came back as a ghost, he wanted revenge so badly that his old eyes were gone and new eyes grew out of his hands. He sees by waving his hands in front of him. He roamed cities and villages in search of his mugger but since he was blind when he was killed, he never saw the face of his mugger so he kills anyone he can get his hands on. Although he can see with the eyes in his hands he is still figuratively blinded by his anger for revenge. I know that in the movie he eats innocent children so I dont know how that goes with the story of the blind man. In one of the pages written the director talks about how he wanted to make the dinner scene with the captiain and the pale man seem similar because the step-dad could have been a monster too. He talks more about it here: ( about half-way down the page about the connection between the two and how their seen.

Another thing that I remember use talking about in class is understanding what happened in the movie. I know the movie is all in spanish but I guess its just the language. If you were to watch it in english you would understand it more perfectly then you did when you watched it in spanish. I understood the movie perfectly well but I guess thats just cause I actually speak spanish.

Draugr and Haruspex

Draugr are the “zombies of Norse mythology. There considered ghosts and live in a dead mans grave. They were considered to be the ghosts of important men who were buring with wealth and they jelously gaurd their wealth even after death. Their believed to have inhuman strength, rise from their graves like a wisp of smoke of “swim” through solid rock, and to shrink or enlarge their body size and weight. They have many ways of killing a person such as: crushing them to death with their enlarged body, eating their flesh, eating the body whole while enlarged, driving them insane and killing them that way, or drinking their blood. They have the same affect of driving animals crazy too. They can shift into seals or cats, if they turn into a horse they wont have ears or a tail. They can curse a person and bring darkness during the day tempararally. Many people have traditons to stop a person from becoming a draugr. They would put an open pair of iron scissors on the chest of the dead person, straws and twigs may be hidden in their clothes. The big toes were tied togther of needles were stuck through the soles of the feet to stop the corpse from walking. Also as the people walked the coffing the the grave it would need to me lifted and lowered in different directions to confuse its sense of direction.

A haruspex is a person who can see the future in the organs of a sacraficed animal. They were considered prophets and seers to what lay ahead of life. They would study the entrails and liver of the sacrifced animals and they would see what was to come and were never wrong about what they saw. Priests would study this form of “seeing” to tell them things about a patients illness. Others used it as a way to tell what the weather would be like in the coming days. Theres not much written about them but they come from norse, babilonian, and roman mythology.

Law’s Problem with Women

Its seem that in todays world there are’nt enough laws preventing horrible crimes from being commited to woman. It seems that just only now india is cathcing up with the times and making laws against rape and beating women but only after tradety strikes. The type of crimes I’m referring to would be like in Bengal a man killed his sister for having an affair. The woman had a relationship with a young man but then later got married to a man and then she eloped with the man from before her marriage. The brother found out and beheaded her, he left her body on the side of the road and brought he head into a police station and said he killed her to restore the honor to his family. This is the story:

Another beheading occured in afghanistan where a 15 year old girl was killed by her relatives because she refused a marriage proposal. The relatives wanted to marry her but her father rejected the proposals and she was killed for it.

There was also the story of a prostitute who was raped while she was “off work” by two sikh priests in Scotland. The girl, 26, was standing in the door way to a night club and the two approached her and asked for her services. She said she was off duty, no, and walked away. The followed her to a bus stop and kept pestering her but they wouldnt listen. They tried dragging her away by the wrists but she was saved by a passing cyclist. The preists actually accused her of taking money from them after promising them her services at their trial and one being marries sai he saw nothing happen since he turned his back on the scene.

And then there was a case of a 15 year old rape survivor of being sentenced to 100 lashings in Mldives because she had consentual pre-marital sex with a man. THe accusations were brought to light by her step-father who was also accused of murdering an infant as a result of her rape. He could get conviced for 25 years. There a petion going around to get them to get a different sentence( Someone said that they should get her psychiatric care instead of punishing her.

God of the Dead


She has many names but her most known name is Hel. There had been prophecies about three children who would bring terrible disaters but would bring nothing but evil. Loki had a giant named Angrboda have his children, three children to be exact. The first was Fenrir the wolf, the second Iromungard the midgard serpent, and then finally Hel. They were raised in Giantland for some time before Odin found out about the children and told the gods to retreive the children and bring them to live in Asggard with them. The only one who did not adapt well to living in Asggard was Hel because she had be born with half her body showing her bones, the onther gods were uncomfotable around her and mostly avoided her. She was sad and lonley so she asked Odin if she could leave, and him taking pitty on her gave her the realm of the Dead to rule. He named it Helheim after her, and in return she had to care for the souls of those who had died of old age and sickness or any non violent way, the souls of warriors were sent to Odin and Freyja, who between the two split the share of souls in two. She was the one who judged the souls of those who passed through there and depending on how good or evil they were she gave them a place in the nine levels of Helheim, it ranged from the top being heaven all the way doewn to the ones being for the most wicked of people. Some thought that her appearence was thought to represent life and death and might have started harlequin masks. Theres a story about how she can be a bit maternal and kind and helping but she can also be harsh and cold to those who disrespect her and try to stop the natural order of things.

Gods of The Trick


Thricksters are known to be gods, godesses, spirit, man, or some type of animal that plays tricks or disobays normal rules and conventional behavior. Tricksters can be harmless or malicous depending on who it is. A malicious trickster for example would be Loki. He would help the gods around him or cause problems for them. He got to be so bad that they bound him to a tree with the entrails of one of his sons and put a snake abouve his head that drips venom from its fangs. His wife, Sigyn, hears and all she can do is collect the venom that drips from the serpants fangs. When she has to empty the bowl however, any drops that would hit Loki would cause him to writhe in pain and it would cause and earthquake. He eventually breaks free and fight against the gods that bound him and kill them. Some tricksters can be female but in most mythology most tricksters are male. Tricksters can be seen as old figures but even if you may not know it we still see tricksters in modern society. In Batman, the Riddler (alothugh hes more tame), and the Joker. Their considered tricksters causing mishap to try to distory the world that batman somehow always manages to stop. In the show Supernatural, the story of two brothers who hunt down creatures of myth, theres a real trickster in which they try to kill but he doesnt die he’s too quick for them. In the show he has the power to do anthing, he stick one of the brother in a time loop where hes forced to relive a certain day over and over again and watch his brother die in a different way each day. He relives it so much that he know every little thing that happens and he figures out how to stop it. Its also said (in the show) that a tricksters favorite food is sweets.

Little Girl Kumari


Kumaris are young girls that are chosen and worshipeds as living goddesses. A Kumari is believed to be the incarnation of the goddess Taleju (the Nepalese name for Durga) until she has her period, after which it is believed that the goddess leaves her body. Serious illness or a major loss of blood from an injury is also cause for her to revert to common status. There are many cities that have their own kumaris but the most famous one is the Royal Kumari of Kathmandu. The kumari is usually only the age of 4 when she is choosen. Many girls are put to the test and those who pass are the new kumari. Two of the most famous tests are said to be: 1 where they lock a girl in a dark room with buffalo masks and people will make scary noises and if she is brave she is choosen. They say thats when the goddess enters the child. THe other test is to kill an animal in front of the girl and if she does not flinch shes the one. A strong willed girl is who they chose. Once the girl is choosen they take the girl away from her family and put her into isolation, so as to protect her. She is not allowed to have very many playmates and is gaurded 24/7. THe way the tradition started was with the last Malla king of Kathmandu, Jay Prakash Malla. He once had intercourse with a prepubescent girl and as a result the young girl later died. The king was then told in his dreams to start the tradition of the Kumari, worship her, and once a year carry her around the Kathmandu valley as a penance for his sins. Some don’t like to believe in this tradition because it means taking the girl away from her family only to isolate her and some say that who ever marries an ex-Kumari with die a painful death within six months.

Box of Chaos and Thunder Birds

Pandora’s Box:

Pandora was said to be the first woman created, by the order of Zeus to Hephaestus the god of craftsmanship, of water and earth. The gods gave her many gifts, Athena clothed her, Aphrodite gave her beauty, and Hermes gave her speech. After Prometheus stole fire from heaven Zeus took his vengeance out on Pandora and presented her to Epimetheus, Promethues’s brother. She was given a beautiful box and told not to open it under any circumstances. Her curiosity got the better of her and she opened it anyway. And with that Pandora unleashed all the evil into the world. She tried to close the box but all of it had gotten out except the spirit of Hope Elpis. She was saddened and scared by what she had don’t but didn’t want to face Zeus’s wrath, but he did not punish Pandora because he knew this would happen.

Thunder Bird:

The thunder birds name comes from the belief that when it beats its wings it stirs the air and causes thunder to happen. In some places its believed that male and female bird weigh and measure the same. They bring rain and storms and are large enough to  hunt small whales individually. Some believed it could shoot lightning from its eyes. Its said that creatures like this would warn people when a natural disaster would occur. It would circle the sky then the skies would fog and the disaster would occur, but it was never their fault. Some believed that thunder birds would take advantage to the warm updrafts that preceded storms making it look like the birds caused storms in their wake. Some said that thunder birds could transform into humans by tilting their beaks back and taking their feathers off like a blanket made of them. Many thunder birds stayed in human form and married humans. Some an trace their linage back to such events.


We’ve all had people who tell us of things that are too hard to believe. There’s a lot of conspiracys out there from things about how the world will to what the government does to try to control the population of people in the U.S. There’s even one about the British royal family that claims that the family are actually reptilians from outer space. That one was told by a close confidant of Princess Diana.

So here’s another one: The Denver air port. You’ve maybe heard of it, the one that’s suppose to be evil or maybe the next human concentration camp. There’s a lot to be said about it and its sort of creepy when they say the air port is family friendly. I don’t believe it though. :

Firebirds And Shapeshifters

Phoenix or Pheonix:

The myical magical brid was said to live for 500 to 1461 years depending on whos telling the story. Red and gold feathers decorate their bodies. Mostly found in cooler climates, their core body temperatures make it too hot for it to live anywhere else. They hunt fish and have the characteristics of an egale. They dive into the rivers after fish, krill, and bears ears too. Its said that this bird could be summoned by those who had a certain magic in them. If you created a strong enough bond with one, if they bird wished, it could be come your framiliar (spirit guide). This bird was most famous in egyptian cultures and was close to Ra the sun god. At the end of its life cycle it would build a nest made of cinnamon twigs, that it would ignite and burn fiercely and turn to ash. From the ashes a new phoenix would be reborn and that phoenix would embalm the ashes of the old phoenix into an egg of myrrh and take it to the city of Heliopolis, meaning the City of Sun in greek. The bird is said to be immortale because it could regenerate when wounded.

Skin walker (shape shifter):

A person who could turn them selves into any animal the wished to be. In native american legends, skin walkers could control when and where they would shift and what animal they would be, but it was assumed that they needed the pelt of the animal to change into it first. The most commonly known shape shifter is the famous warewolf. It was said that skin walkers where evil, taking revenge on certain people or families, and that if you looked one in the eyes you would die. I prefer the legend where they are nice and only harm those who harm them or their families and only use their ability in war time for their tribes.

Medusa And Her Unicorns


So story goes that she was once a human being with blonde hair and was extremely beautiful. She was a prietstess in Athena’s temple. She was the most wanted by all suitors. Then one day Athena caught her being “abused” by Poseidon and she got so mad that she turned Medusa into a horribley terrifying looking woman with snakes for hair, that if you looked at her you would turn to stone. It goes on later that she was killed by beheadment in her sleep by Perseus. He was ordered to kill her by King Polydectes of Seriphus.


The great mythical creature, wild, fierce, straong, and impossible to tame. Most of us are use to their image being just a white horse with a golden horn on its head, but thats not always how they where always seen. A roman naturalist recorded: “A very ferocious beast, similar in the rest of its body to a horse, with the head of a deer, the feet of an elephant, the tail of a boar, a deep, bellowing voice, and a single black horn, two cubits in length, standing out in the middle of its forehead.” Its said in the bible that god has the strength of a unicorn. Some say that unicorns never exsited but that travlers exaggerated the story of narwhales and they bacame the fabled unicorn. It was said in traditon that only a girl of purity sitting under a tree naked could catch the unicorn. It would crave the purity and come and sit next to her and lay his head on her lap and sleep. If the girl was pretending to be a virgin the unicorn would tear her apart. There was a story going around about the Hunter and the Virgin, but most churches dismissed that story due to lack of unicorns in the world.